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Transimpedance Amplifiers - Communications

MACOM's optoelectronics products also includes a wide range of transimpedance amplifiers (TIA) for line and client side 10G, 40G and 100G fiber optic receivers. Our portfolio includes linear TIAs for long haul coherent receivers and limiting TIAs for shorter range NRZ based receivers. These parts feature market leading gain, noise performance and power dissipation. They are available in die form for integration with photo-detectors in an optical sub-assembly. 

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releaseDate Part Number Ordering Short Description Max Data Rate (Gbps) Differential Transimpedance Gain (kOhms) Small Signal Bandwidth (GHz) Input Overload Current (mA) Input Referred Noise (IRN, RMS nA) (nA) Optical sensitivity with PIN (dBm) Optical Sensitivity with APD (dBm) Power Consumption (Watts) Supply Voltage (V) Output Swing Voltage (mV) LF Cutoff Frequency (KHz) Datasheet Model Data (Sparameters) Application Notes Features Benefits Marking Lead Finish Compatible Parts Product Image Package Size Package Type Number of Channels Embedded CDR Burst Mode MSL ESD Product Briefs PCNs Last Time Buys Product Bulletins RoHS/IPC Report EVM/Reference Design Guides Whitepaper Reference Design/Schematic Outline Drawings Qualification Reports Brightcove Video ADS & SPICE Model Info Data Sheet Package Outline Device Firmware EVM GUI Software EVM User Guides Content
MATA-03802A Inquire Dual Channel Linear TIA
32 5 25 2 MATA-03802A.pdf
Dual Channel Linear TIA’s with AGC
Includes Linear Peak Detector Output
Low Power Consumption: 350mW (Typ)/channel
Adjustable Bandwidth: 17-25 GHz (Typ.)
Transimpedance Gain: 200O to 5KO
Data Rate: NRZ Data Rate up to 32Gbps
MATA-003806 Inquire 32 Gbps Dual Channel Linear TIA for DP-QPSK Advanced Receivers
32 10000 25 3 17 MATA-03806.pdf
2019/02/14 MATA-006406 Inquire 64 GBaud Quad Channel Linear TIA
64 5000 45 4 17 Inquire MACOM Gen.png
2019/02/14 MATA-006806 Inquire 64 GBaud Quad Channel Linear TIA
64 65 45 4 17 Inquire MACOM Gen.png

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